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Michael Sinatra is a Italian American Singer based in Los Angeles. His music is available on iTunes. Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music and streaming on Spotify & iHeart Radio APP. He travels the United States performing with a live big band, jazz quartet or trio and just a solo pianist.

About Michael

Michael Sinatra is a Italian American Singer from Southern California. 
Michael grew up in a multi-talented family, rich with a storied musical tradition.
Michael Sinatra has a vocal range similar to other Italian Crooners like Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin. Nostalgic yet offering something new, Michael Sinatra performs memorable songs written from composers in the "Great American Songbook” and more. He is an amazing voice in modern day revival of timeless standards and it's time to take a look...
Whether performing with a full big band or just a solo pianist, Michael Sinatra packs enthusiastic energy into a powerful interactive performance. Known for his “Rat Pack”demeanor and engaging stage presence Michael Sinatra captivates audiences with his smooth style, charm and his voice.

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