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Michael Sinatra is a Italian American Singer based in Los Angeles. His music is available on iTunes. Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music and streaming on Spotify & iHeart Radio APP. He travels the United States performing with a big band, jazz quartet, trio or just a solo pianist.

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New Single | Fly Me To The Moon


Now available on iTunes Music, Google Play and streaming on Spotify.

Michael Sinatra EP

Michael Sinatra EP


"With the EP, I wanted to experience the familiar standards in a stripped-down and exposed way. I kept the arrangements based on original forms, but suited for the acoustic trio instead of a big band. The trio had a lot of freedom, in that regard, to explore the space and find new ways of giving the songs life. With Sway, a favorite of mine, I tried to develop a minimal yet hypnotic line that would propel the piece forward. Jazz vocal standards presented in the modern trio context seems to be a under-estimated area that has lots of potential for creativity."


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